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Located at 820 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL, and new to the area, La Campana Mexican Restaurant was established in July, 2021.

Here at La Campana Mexican Restaurant, we offer a wide array of fresh food, both traditional Mexican food & seafood.

When we prepare our food, we use nothing but the freshest ingredients - providing the best quality and taste around.

Come and try our deliciously fresh food today!

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Eat - In

Located at 820 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL, we offer our customers in-house seating in our restaurant.

Come and enjoy delicious, fresh traditional Mexican food.

We take reservations, but you can come in without one too.

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Take - Out

Located at 820 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL, we offer our customers the option of enjoying their food at home, takeout style.

Take a look at our menu, give us a call, place your order, and come pick it up.

Traditional food and an easy & stress free ordering process - like every takeout meal should be.

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What is easier than eating at a restaurant or picking up a takeout order?

Ordering your food online and having our fresh, traditional Mexican food come to you!

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“I found this gem on the road with my husband after dropping my car at the nearby mechanic. I wanted to say that if you're reading this review go ahead and just try them. You will not get anything by judging the exterior of this restaurant, but once you go inside that's when you will regret why you have not come sooner.

They have a big menu, but I was stoked to see Birria taco in their menu and OMG, at a very reasonable price, in 32789? No kidding! They are the best I've had in Orlando.

So delicious! Next thing I love in this place, is I felt I was in Mexico again... I think it's the authenticity.

Everything in this place is screaming Mexico. When you come and visit, especially during lunch hours you will see it yourself :)

Camille B.

"5 stars for an all around Mexican gem nearby! When I saw this restaurant from the outside I didn't think much. I kept hearing of others visiting, so I wanted to give it a try. We visited on Sunday during lunch hours. It just opened but quickly got busy.

Free chips and salsa, nice! So hard to not ask for a refill on chips. Lol I was craving something unhealthy, so we ordered the chimichanga with pork. It was so yummy and came with a side of rice, sour cream and guacamole.
We also ordered a fish tostada, this was so fresh and filling even though it only came with one. There was some avocado and balsamic drizzle.

If you're craving traditional Mexican food, this is your place! Great service, fast food, decorated nicely inside and reasonably priced."

Marisa C.

Orlando, Florida’s Favorite Fresh & Tradition Mexican Food

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"The chicken tacos here are AMAZING! The chicken was well done but tender on the inside. The slow cooked beef taco was super good also. It was juicy, a lot of meat and taco was fried over.

Prices are good and options are plentiful. Big shout out to Maria, our server that made the experience at LA Campana more enjoyable."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gavin D.

"Really surprised! I ordered takeout and everything was ready when they said it was, and nice and hot.

The Staff was very attentive, and the Food is great - The amount of food for the price is good.

I usually hate the side-salad at Mexican restaurants, but here it was actually nice. Had a nice amount of guacamole, sour cream, the lettuce was nice and fresh, tomatoes in it were yummy. The Chicken Fajitas I got were also almost half meat instead of being all veggies like most places."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Zachary S.

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820 Lee Rd Orlando, FL 32810 4079517413 [email protected]
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